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Down again


Would you buy a used car from this person?

It’s the first thing I thought about today.

What type of deal would you get if you were to purchase a car from Hillary Clinton? If you had a problem with the car, could you trust them to agree that it was something they should be held accountable for, or would they make an excuse that it wasn’t their fault. If they promised something was covered in the warranty… would it be? If they said the old clunker (the car not the person) was stable and could be relied upon, would it be? hillary-clinton

If you had an issue with the car, who could you go to and attempt to get the issue corrected? Seems she has everyone either paid off or in her back pocket.

No, I think if I saw this person running up to me if I happened to go onto a car lot, searching for a used vehicle I would just have to pass.

While in Ga

You never know what you will see.

On a recent work related trip to Georgia

Vapors Demise

Well it has been a while since I last wrote anything, it isn’t like there hasn’t been anything to write about, but more to the point of there is just too much to write about. Sound bytes from the political parties have been all over the pages and networks, and while they are always fun to watch or listen to, after awhile they become (like so many other things) just background noise. Hilary Clinton is still lying out her ass, she and Oboma continue to believe that everyone will forget what they have said or done before if they say or do something different now. And while listing out the conflicts of their contradictions might be entertaining, for the short time being, I’ll refrain. Trump is still talking in circles, he continues to go off in tangents as he speaks, sometimes he returns to his talking point sometimes it is long forgotten during his ramblings. The major difference is at the very least most of what he seems to say isn’t totally untrue… most.

Many in our nation are learning that our government is not looking out for their interests. To me this is very surprising. Not that the government isn’t working for the people, but many people are finally realizing this as a fact. The head in the sand aspect of living doesn’t only shield the one who’s head is in the sand from the truths that they may wish to ignore, but often impacts those who wish to do things to correct those issues.

Voices are more easily ignored by those in power if the actions they take are only reacted upon by a minority. Thus those in power know if they create a vast number of problems and issues, the common man won’t have the time, energy, or resources to either complain or take constructive action. Our government has become a master at lighting so many little fires that after awhile the people that it was suppose to protect are either overwhelmed on which way to look or just tired of trying. What is truly surprising is how few of these fires the government actual extinguishes, it amazes me that somehow a new issue arises, just when the final flicker of the previous problem is corrected.

Instead of the people within the nation maintaining a vested interested in how the country is run, they have become complacent in watching the actions being carried out by those shadowy creatures that have been sitting behind desks and signing the peoples right away. Those faceless beings that have shrouded themselves into “committees” or “panels” so as to give themselves credence, anonymity, or plausible denial of actions they know full well is going impact people adversely. So why would they do these type of things? Favours later on… upfront money either into their own personal slush funds or accounts that can launder the funds back to them in one form or another. Remember, if the masses have no rights, the overlords are not compelled to linger on their issues.

Is this just conspiracy theory chatter? Sure it is… but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true. Lets look a vaping and the e-cig market that is going around in the States right now. The big tobacco companies have been selling a product that is both addicting and poisonous… period. It’s true. No conspiracy, nobody denys it… it’s a fact and the government backs these companies and fears them at the same time. Fears? Maybe that is too harsh a word, Maybe I should have said something on the order of, “…the government backs these companies and relies upon them…”. Wow, at first glance those seem to be two totally different ideals, fears or relies upon. But in the case of our government that is the case.

Looking at the first part of that allegation the government backing the tobacco companies; the industry is considered a viable industrial crop and is subsidized by the federal government. The industry has no other function other than to produce an addictive substance, that if taken in a highly concentrated form is poisonous. The product is then marketed to an industry that further makes an end product that adds additional ingredients turning the tobacco into an even more dangerous product explicitly for human consumption. To put this in perspective, a new product came out, a “hoverboard” type thing. A couple of batteries for this new product caught on fire, so the product for the most part was banned from sale. Literally hundreds of fires are caused by cigarette smoking, thousands of deaths caused by toxins that are added to the tobacco product prior to a person smoking it, and nothing will ever be done. Now notice I didn’t say that tobacco was the cause of deaths or the fires. For the most part the addictive element within the tobacco industies product (while is addictive) isn’t the cause of the fires or deaths, it’s the additives that are toxic and misuse or disregard of safety that cause the fires.

Looking at perspective again… a couple people get singed by firecrackers and the government regulates the industry to the point where what was once a vibrant commodity and jubberant times… is a sparkler spitting tiny little whimpering specks of light that seem to plead for viagra, compared to thousands of people dying from the additives in tobacco products and the government turning a blind eye. To look at this same analogy in the current context, the government wishes to over-regulate and instil regulations upon people and small businesses to purposely stop them from achieving the success of leaving the tobacco industries hold on them and/or to create a successful business, the government is willing to stifle anything in order to maintain the influx of wealth slithering into its members personal accounts in one form or another.

Now lets get something totally out in the open and upfront here… I am not against tobacco or its active nicotine ingredient, what I am both against and a gust of, is our government backing an industry that uses the tobacco product and has allowed this industry to corrupt the lawmakers to such a point that a commodity is allowed to dictate policy and regulations. Because of kickbacks, bribes, and as stated before the underhanded money laundering it does to line the pockets of the people that are suppose to be ensuring everyone is playing fair, this commodity is killing off more people than any war we have had to date all under the governments approval and blessing. Tobacco, on its own isn’t the issue, tobacco companies that construct an end product that is vastly more harmful than the plant or its derivatives, now that is a problem and it is those entities that I am opposed to; that and as stated previously, the government direct involvement with legal manoeuvrings to ensure encroachment is not allowed against big tobacco conglomerates, stemming the influx of money going into the governments pockets, no matter whose grave it tramples upon… that’s the problem.

There is a booming business industry that is estimated to produce in excess of 3 billion dollars in revenue (that is 3,000,000,000) this year alone, it removes the majority of the harmful toxins derived from the tobacco industry standard while still using the actual tobacco plant which means that agriculturally nothing is changed, the tobacco industry remains the same. It is not nearly as dangerous as lighting fires to ignite a poison laced stick nor is there the mishaps of dropping burning or smouldering tobacco on carpets, beds, or in the middle of a pristine forest. And while it quite often uses the derivative from the tobacco plant in its make-up, that is entirely an option of the end-user if it will be used. That 3 billion dollar industry does have a downside though… it is not dominated by the tobacco industries cartel and as such it is viewed as an encroachment into that industries strangle hold, its monopoly, on the public at large.

In a real and just society, if two competing entities were attempting to reach a shared marketplace, it would be viewed as enterprising. But in the tobacco industry, that isn’t the case. With a tobacco industry vast sums of money and influence via lobbyist personal incentives coupled with its direct corruption of the government, the blind eye to what should be an individuals rights or freedoms to choose or make a choice has vanished. If the government had played a similar role in the medical industry during the advent of cancer treatments, we would still be using witch doctors and leeches. Moreover if the government had used its current ideals when the television industry designed units without vacuum tubes, there would be no flat screen televisions, nor laptops, cellphones, or home computers. I guess we are all just lucky those industries that manufactured tubes for televisions and radios, couldn’t afford enough of our sitting lawmakers.

FDA Hassels

I read this the other day and thought I would re-post it.


By Ian Firth

I’m an eliquid manufacturer in the vapor industry. Well, I used to be, until today, when I became a tobacco product manufacturer in the tobacco industry.

I don’t care about me. I can stockpile enough eliquid of any flavor for myself and my wife and my friends and my family until we all die of old age. I have enough hardware to last decades, and the technical knowhow to fix any of it if it breaks.

I don’t care about me. I’ll be fine.

I do care about 9 million vapers though, and more importantly, 40 million at-risk smokers.

They won’t be fine.

In 90 days, all technological advancement in the industry will grind to a halt.

No new mods.
No new atomizers.
No new tanks.
No new flavors.
No new anything.

This could mean that the next big step in devices, that may make it even easier for a smoker to successfully quit, may not make it to market. That obscure flavor that a smoker has been looking for to finally make the switch stick, may not be available. These products may not make it to market due to the cost associated with doing so, a cost out of reach for everyone except Big Tobacco.

In 2009, FDA reported to Congress that they would examine the best way to regulate, promote, and encourage the development of “innovative products and treatments” to reduce harm associated with continued tobacco use.

The vapor industry did just that, all by ourselves.

We created, innovated, promoted, and self regulated a solution to the tobacco problem plaguing our country, and the world. Now that we have laid the groundwork, FDA is handing our industry over to an organization that kills 480,000 people each year in the USA alone.

Big Tobacco.

Big Tobacco is not the vapor industry.

The vapor industry is grassroots, built from the ground up by people who care and have passion for saving the lives of millions, and putting public health first. The vapor industry doesn’t make $90 billion dollars a year like Big Tobacco, so we can’t stay in and pay the cost of doing business.

So we will all go out of business, two to three years from now, because that is how our government works. This is a bailout of the tobacco industry to help them offset losses caused by decreased cigarette usage, and the rise of vaping.

These regulations wouldn’t affect me if the FDA-approved patches and gum actually worked back when I needed them to. I tried them on many occasions when attempting to quit my 31 year smoking habit. On March 29th 2014, I finally did quit when I bought my first e-cigarette. I wrote about that amazing day two years ago, here and here.

If the gum or patch had worked, as the manufacturer and FDA advertised it would, this would all be out of sight and out of mind, much like it is to the non-smokers and non-vapers in America. I would just be an ex-smoker, and this regulation wouldn’t directly affect me.

I’m glad that didn’t happen.

If it had, I wouldn’t have helped thousands of smokers and vapers.
I wouldn’t have met hundreds of wonderful people in our industry.

I would have far less people in my life I call friends and family.

We are now expected to believe that FDA-approved e-cigarettes manufactured by Big Tobacco will be effective at tobacco harm reduction, and will benefit public health.

They won’t.

We are expected to think this won’t affect 100,000 jobs at 20,000 businesses in America.

It will.

We are expected to sit by, and watch our industry die.

We won’t.

We are expected to sit by and watch Americans die.

We can’t.

If you don’t vape, don’t smoke, or never smoked, you may think this doesn’t affect you.

It does.

Look at your circle of friends, and your family. Do any of them smoke or vape? Do they know someone who does? Do you work with someone who does?

Most likely the answer is “Yes”.

Somewhere, someone you know, will die early from a tobacco related disease.

FDA approves it.

Looking for a Cache

Out and about looking for a new cache, but it was not found!
It was a very pretty day though…




Why did Michael Brown die?

Ya know, after watching all the hype and coverage on poor young Michale Brown a person has to wonder as to what caused his death? While his family is in mourning over his demise, and rightfully so, are they really pointing their finger at a police officer and saying that he went and shot there son for no cause?
Listening to some of the protesters I’ve heard, over and over again, how the actions leading up to his dead shouldn’t be considered, but only the time of the actual shooting that caused his dead should be looked upon. Basically that it really doesn’t matter who Michael Brown is or was, but only that at the very last instance that he was alive he might have raised up is hands. Of course the riots and robberies that ensued were perfectly okay in the eyes of anyone that believes in chaos as being a justified action for anything they want an excuse to riot over.
The cop that stopped Michael Brown did so because he (Michael) was walking down the middle of the street being a danger to himself and traffic. Now lets think this out for a second. Michael had just strong armed a store owner and stole items from the store, something that looks like he has done before… although I don’t know this, it just doesn’t seem like this is the first time he had done this… So, here he is, walking down the middle of the street, having just robbed a store and pushed around the owner… and a cop pulls up to talk to him. What do you think is going through his pea sized brain right now?
Multiple choice question… Does Michael think the police officer is going to ask him to join the police academy or does he think the police officer might be responding to a call about him robbing a store and he’s going to go to jail…?
If your white or honest you’d most likely go for the ut ho I’m in trouble answer and Michael with his little brain begins to panic. He does what many in his situation would do (that has a little brain), he thinks he can out run a police car.
Now I’ve heard accounts that he attacked the police officer, or there was some kind of physical contact between the police officer and Michael, but all of those facts or comments have been either washed over or played down to the point where all that anyone hears is the final comments of Michael was shot and killed by a police officer. There are stories of poor defenseless Michael (all 285 lbs and 6’5″ of him that towered over the shop owner, grabbing him and shoving him away like a little stuffed toy), poor Michael raising his arms innocently saying don’t shoot… but is that what really happened?
I don’t know… but not trying to talk bad about the dead… what most likely happened is Michael probably tripped his fat lard ass while trying to out run someone that was trained and had walked more than from the couch to the refrigerator. On his way down his hands went up in the air and the words is friend heard and has told all the cameras that were “Don’t shoot” were in all likelihood really “Oh shit”.
What is sick, is personalities and people of prominence are going around backing the family of this person. What the he11… this person was a thug and went around forcing himself on others like the worst bully anyone could imagine… why are these people kissing the ground that he walked upon…?
Oh sorry, I forgot… he was black.

TSA and the Government

Of course Americans get strip searched, probed and prodded just to get on a plane…

Illegal immigrants are being allowed to board passenger jets without having any identification, the National Border Patrol Council has claimed.

The union for border workers told Breitbart that immigrants who have been released from holding centers while they wait for their court date are being allowed to travel freely without identification.

The only paperwork they need to show airlines is their Notice to Appear forms, a simple print out with no photo or security features.
Traveling light: Illegal immigrants are being allowed to fly in the U.S. without proper ID that regular passengers, above, have to show, according to the border council.

Traveling light: Illegal immigrants are being allowed to fly in the U.S. without proper ID that regular passengers, above, have to show, according to the border council

The claims come amid a surge of illegal immigrants, many of them children, that have overwhelmed facilities along the U.S.-Mexico border.

Hector Garza, the spokesman for one of the NBPC’s branches, said that illegal immigrants were able to use the simple form to board any commercial airliner.

‘This is not the CBP [Customs and Border Protection] or another federal agency renting or leasing an aircraft, these are the same planes that the American public uses for domestic travel,’ Garza told Breitbart.

‘This just adds insult to injury. Not only are we releasing unknown illegal aliens onto American streets, but we are allowing them to travel commercially using paperwork that could easily be reproduced or manipulated on any home computer.’

Garza’s claims were backed by the NBPC which has released an official statement opposing the travel arrangements.
The border patrol council claims illegal immigrants are able to board flights using only their Notice to Appear documents.

Paperwork: The border patrol council claims illegal immigrants are able to board flights using only their Notice to Appear documents, above

‘The fact that TSA is accepting the I-862 [Notice to Appear] as a form of identification and allowing illegal aliens to travel commercially shows just how little regard the federal government has for its own immigration laws,’ the statement said.

Garza said part of the NBPC’s concerns was that people who authorities have little background information on were being allowed to travel without the checks ordinary citizens undergo.

‘We do not know who these people are … We know nothing about most of them, ICE releases them into the American public, and now they are boarding aircraft at will with a simple paper document,’ he said.

A MailOnline request for comment from the TSA has not yet been responded to.