Art of Disassociation

I was watching CNN or one of the other “panel” conversations the other day on tv. The discussion was surrounding the new release of documents that came out from our open and transparent government that detailed some of the tactics on getting detainees to talk.
What I found was so interesting about the discussion was how the Intel community spokes person kept trying to say things like, “…well these acts occurred back in 2004 and we stopped doing this back in 2006…” he would go on to say that these issues shouldn’t be discussed because they happened so long ago. Which lead me to the first thing that struck me. The documents were closed from anyone having access to them for 8 or 9 years, nobody was allowed to see them or allowed to view what was written about what had happened during the “interrogations”. So when the information finally surfaces, what right does the government have to say that inquiries shouldn’t be conducted?
Both the left and the right leaning political group (since those belonging to to mobs can’t really be considered parties), hide truths from the masses of the people that have created a great nation. To hide truth, at least in my mind, is the first way of a corrupt government to go against it’s own people. Is that the ideals of on who believes in conspiracies? I only ask this question because the original speaker on the panel bemoaned that bringing up the happenings of things past, of things that shouldn’t be recalled, to sweep truths and history under the table as if it never happened is righteous… that is what our government want for it’s nation.
I served in the military and retired from it after 20 years. My brothers had served this nation, as did my father… and my mother. My family didn’t serve a government that deceived them from truths… or did we? The word conspiracy is being used more and more by this government to quill and silence questions of their actions by ridiculing to those that question it. The old adage of divide and conquer is becoming the mainstream. Titling people as left leaning or right, and placing people into little boxes, then ridiculing those little boxes until people that have beliefs are not only afraid to stand up for what they believe, but feel threatened to even appear to differentiate themselves and be a singular voice.
It’s a sad state of affairs that we, today, live in a time that all our actions and scrutinized by a power that’s only duty it to feed upon itself and ensure that the power of the people it was designed to protect has evolved into an entity working to divide it’s people and to only serve it’s own pursuits.
More of this rant later.

Animal Tricks

Have you ever noticed how most television channels have commercials running at the same time? Did you believe that it was just coincidence or (like me) see this as a deliberate act from the network stations? Lets just consider this one little thing…
Lets say your watching news on CNN and after the inevitable teaser in a vain attempt to get you to stay tuned after the upcoming commercial break, you decide to change channels anyway, only to find out that FOX is also running a commercial, along with MSNBC and most other news channels… darn… so you go back to the original station you were bored with. So, lets just thing that it was a rare act or event that all these stations went to break at the same time, okay? You sit around for 10 minutes and the next commercial break comes up and you again decide to see if anything is going on different on the other networks just to see the astronomical odds of hitting the commercial lottery has struck again… all the stations are again in a commercial break.
No it wasn’t a fluke of nature nor a glitch in the matrix. It’s a planned act than many of the lemurs of the world just don’t seem to understand. The networks purposely design their breaks to match the competitors stations so you will return to the show you had previously been watching.
One would think that one of the stations or another would attempt to switch around the timing of their breaks so those people in the middle of their channel surfing would hit upon the station not on break, but the fact of the matter is, doing so would in fact, make them (the station at odds of the other networks doing commercials) a target of people surfing away from their channel once they went to their own commercial break.
At one time commercial free broadcasting was what the masses believed they were getting when cable became available. The providers strove to make television a premium, the various companies were trying to build up a client base and needed people to buy into their systems. Nowadays they can care less if you get cable or dish, there are plenty of other people that will pick up the slack if your dissatisfied. MTV isn’t just a music station anymore, it has shows and series, it has news and entertainment… it has competitors and so it has concerns that it isn’t unique..
Premium channels use to be things like HBO, they touted they ran first rated and the newest shows, but not anymore. Looking across the guide it displays movies from 20 years back and it isn’t alone. Now days if you want to watch a new movie you have to watch a premium premium channel… i.e. a “Movie” channel to have the show streamed to you and of course… you have to pay an extra fee above and beyond for each and every movie you wish to see.
A sad state of affairs we as consumers have allowed us to sink into.
Even worse there is nothing that can be done about it.

This is what the President calls Transparency

Remember when the current president was running for the position last time? Remember how he stated that he was going to be trasnparent in his actions… no behind the closed doors sneaky things going on? Remember how he blew smoke up your ass and you just grinned and believed every puff of smoke he exhaled? Bush got reamed for allowing torture (which I personnaly disagree with…) but Obama doesn’t even have to get close enough to touch the person, and it isn’t just a person from another country…
Maybe he will decide that whatever he says is the best for the country and whomever disagrees with his policies must be against his warped ideas of the country… would we all be eligible for his drones missions? Senators and Congress men didn’t even knpw of these authorizations… and if they did, without asking the public, for which they stand, what they thought about it… they would be as bad as the president themselves.

Drones in the US: Senators Could Derail CIA Nominee Confirmation Over Administration’s Drone Program

A bipartisan group of 11 senators sent a letter to President Obama Monday asking for “any and all legal opinions” that describe the basis for the authority to “deliberately kill American citizens.”  

The senators are threatening to “collide” with the administration during CIA director nominee John Brennan’s confirmation hearing on Thursday over the White House recently leaked and controversial drone memo. 

“The executive branch’s cooperation on this matter will help avoid an unnecessary confrontation that could affect the Senate’s consideration of nominees for national security positions,” the senators wrote. 

The drone program, one of the most important tools in the administration’s counterterrorism campaign, has become a controversial part of Obama’s foreign policy as critics from both sides of the aisle question its legality as well as its effectiveness as they say could exacerbate militant’s resentment against the U.S (the senators’ questions follow a 2011 drone strike in Yemen that killed two Americans; Anwar al-Awlaki and Samir Khan). 

Rolling up the victory

2 states legalize recreational marijuana use, topping long list of ballot initiatives | Fox News

2 states legalize recreational marijuana use, topping long list of ballot initiatives

Colorado and Washington became the first states to legalize recreational use of marijuana Tuesday night, setting up a battle between the states and the federal government, which prohibits use of the drug.

The historic votes were among a host of decisions on ballot initiatives that will shape state-level policy on everything from recreational drug use to same-sex marriage.

“The voters have spoken and we have to respect their will,” said Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, who opposed the marijuana measure in his state. “This will be a complicated process, but we intend to follow through. That said, federal law still says marijuana is an illegal drug, so don’t break out the Cheetos or Goldfish too quickly.”

The Colorado measure has sparked a national debate about marijuana policy, with supporters pushing for the federal government to end marijuana prohibition nationwide. The Colorado measure states adults over 21 can possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana, or six marijuana plants, for personal use. Opponents have said it will make the state a haven for drug tourists.

The measure in Washington State, Initiative 502, will legalize and regulate the production, possession and distribution of marijuana for residents age 21 and older.

The new law will impose a 25 percent tax rate on marijuana when the grower sells it to the processor, when the processor sells it to the retailer and when the retailer sells it to the customer. The measure could bring in $500 million, a figure analysts dispute.

Voters in Oregon, where the pro-marijuana advocates were less organized and poorly funded, defeated a ballot measure that would have allowed the commercial growth and sale of marijuana to adults. Known as Measure 80, it would have legalized pot through state-licensed stores, allowed unlicensed growth and use of marijuana by adults and prohibit restrictions on pot.

In Arkansas, voters rejected a measure legalizing medical marijuana, while in Massachusetts, voters supported a similar measure. Massachusetts also voted on a physician-assisted suicide measure, but that result was too close to call early Wednesday.